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A Great Place to Work

Working for Bloom & Grow Kitchen can be very rewarding both monetarily and emotionally.  With our high standards to food safety, and our Naughty list of ingredients we don't allow in our kitchens, our employees can be proud of the food they serve.  Sprinkle in some top competitive wages, mixed with one of the most relaxed commercial kitchen atmospheres in the industry, and you've got an amazing place to work.

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The Blooming Chef

Passionate, motivated professionals who see food service as a means to improve the happiness, health and the safety of their communities.  We pride ourselves in upholding a strict food safety policy, more inline with that of the European Union. The FDA, in contrast, allows proven harmful chemicals and additives to be used in our US foods. Artificial dyes, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup, and tons of  “unpronounceables” make up what we call our “Naughty List” and are not allowed in our kitchen. Make no mistake, we’re serving indulgences and our guests are encouraged to enjoy themselves with our menu.  However, we believe our community should be able to indulge from time to time and feel good about it. With this practice in place, we can create delicious food free from harmful additives that could deteriorate the minds and bodies of our guests. Thus, contributing to a happier, healthier community. As a result, our communities will be safer for us and our families to grow and flourish.

Blooming Chefs are “on show” in our kitchens.  So they always look professional in their clean Blooming Chef uniforms.  They keep the kitchen, and themselves, clean and presentable.  Understanding that things get dirty, especially during the pops, the Blooming Chef will tidy up their stations promptly following all pops before taking any breaks or moving on to other tasks. 

Speaking of tasks, the Blooming Chef is, oftentimes, a one person show. Performing all tasks a kitchen would require from prep, cooking, expo, dish and janitorial. For this reason, the Blooming Chef is extremely self-motivated, organized and has a high level of attention to detail.


If YOU believe what WE believe, and think you’d rock it as a Blooming Chef, we’d love to get to know you! Find to"New Employee Questionnaire" blow.

Blooming Delivery Drivers

Our commitment to food quality is the main reason we've decided to handle our own delivery.  When 3rd party apps like DoorDash or UberEats, require a driver to travel to our restaurant then to our customer, the food as been sitting longer than it should.  With our own in house drivers, the food is ready, it goes out to our food lovers.

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Let's get to know you.

If you're interested in working with us, we'd love to get to know you better! Get the process started by following the link below to fill out our "New Employee Questionnaire".  We're genuinely excited to learn more about you and thanks for your interest in working with Bloom & Grow Kitchen!

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